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31st July 2020

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

During the past week we have been working on the possibility of being able to reopen the Jazz Club in September. Unfortunately, the Government has today decided to delay the lifting of certain restrictions which puts the prospect of reopening in doubt.

With effect from 1st August the restrictions were to have been amended to allow live performances in front of a live audience providing social distancing criteria were observed, this has now been delayed to 15th August subject to the number of new infections starting to reduce. In addition, it had been permissible for up to two households to meet indoors in pubs but this too has now been amended such that you can go to the pub with members of your own household but you cannot meet up with anyone else.

The social distancing restrictions still in place mean that dancing and singing is not permitted. Whilst this may be disappointing to some, it has enabled the Social Club to utilise the dance floor for seating and table layout, thus providing the same number of tables as previously and space them at distances in accordance with the social distancing criteria. (With some bands the ban on singing may be a blessing).

We sought the advice of Bexley Trading Standards who have confirmed that subject to adherence to the social distancing requirements it would be o.k. to reopen the Club.

We contacted the bands that were scheduled to appear in September (The Pete Rudeforth Jazz Band, Mike Barry’s Uptown Gang, Sussex Jazz Kings) all of whom confirmed that they were willing to play. Doc Houlinds Revival Band (from Denmark) were due to play on 17th September but advised us some weeks ago, that they had cancelled their September tour.

Rest assured we will try and keep up to date with the, albeit confusing, government edicts and strive to reopen the Jazz Club as soon as the Covid-19 restrictions will allow.

In the meantime, stay safe so that we may soon CARRY ON JAZZING!

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